Below are a number of online sites with relevance to the GSA mission and our place in the community. There are also some which have been included simply because of humor and interest value. In any case, share and enjoy.

  • GSA Network!The Gay-Straight Alliance Network. The page for the Bay Area's Gay-Straight Alliances. Resources for fighting homophobia on-campus.
  • COLAGECOLAGE - Children Of Lesbians And Gays Everywhere. A San Francisco support and advocacy group for the children of gay, lesbian, and transgender parents.
  • GLSEN - Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network. A national group dedicated to fighting biases in schools.
  • GenderPAC. A national advocacy group working to end steriotyping because of gender or sexuality. Dedicated to civil and social rights - the right to be judged on merit, not on bias and prejudice.
  • The Advocate - the site for the national gay and lesbian news magazine. Articles on life, the universe, and dealing with everything. It's the social part of the lifestyle, to take a 5-minute-break from coordinating the frint lines.
  • The online community itself. In multiple languages and localities. News, talk, and fun.
  • Planet Out - another community online. More news, talk, and possibly slightly more risque than But that's just from looking at their current poll.
  • God Loves Fags! A great community website with discussions on why the bible doesn't say all homosexuals are satan-bound.
  • Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance. Easily one of the most phenomenal sites online, OCRT's site has fair and impartial essays on worldwide religions and current events. They have a large portion of their site dedicated to issues concerning homosexuality, including a portion on Gay-Straight Alliances in the news.
  •'s Best Gay Man of the Millennium. As part of a series titled " That was the Millennium That Was," John Scalzi wrote an article on Richard I of England as the Best Gay Man of the Millennium. At the same time highly amusing and richly informative, this whole series of articles is a must-read.
  • The CCS LogoCool Cat Studio, an online comic strip hosted by Keenspot, features Liz, a lesbian character, in a prominent position. Here is where Liz's "coming out" storyline starts.
  • Monta Vista High School. Our high school's website. Many thanks to the supportive staff.
  • Freemont Union High School District. Our high school district's website. Thanks for the construction. We mean it. (cough)

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